Strip District Meats

Raw Diet for Dogs

A great deal of research has been complied in the dog food industry suggesting that a raw food diet is best for your pet. If you are looking to transition to this type of diet, we carry many products that will be of use. Firstly, we are a retail meat market, we are not a slaughter house. All products we sell are federally inspected at a USDA facility. This means many items you may be looking for, simply, are not available in the US retail market. Here is a list of items we do offer:

Muscle Meat

Ground Chicken
Ground Pork
Ground Beef
Ground Turkey
Chicken Breasts (bone in)
Chicken Leg Quarters
Chicken Legs (drum and thigh no backbone)

Beef hearts
Veal Hearts
Chicken Hearts
Duck Hearts
Lamb Hearts
Beef Tongue
Lamb Tongue

Organ Meat

Beef Liver
Duck Liver
Pork Liver
Tripe, Washed and Bleached

Secreting Organs

Chicken Gizzards
Duck Gizzards
Lamb Kidneys

Pork Brains
Pork Kidney
Veal Kidney


Beef back Ribs
Beef feet
Beef marrow bones
Chicken backs (40lb. case) or (10lb. bag)
Chicken Feet

Chicken Wings (40lb. case) or (10lb bag)
Duck Feet
Ox tails
Pork Spare Ribs. (3pack- 12lbs approx.)


Beef Suet
Pork fatback


Please feel free to contact us regarding prices and quantity available. Wholesale pricing is available for large quantities of product.