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Choosing and Cooking a Ham

Boneless or Bone-In Ham?

Hams with the bone left in tend to be more flavorful than boneless hams. Bone-in hams are also more decorative, and make for a more ceremonious presentation on special occasions. Also, you get the ham hock for soups and stews!

How Much Ham Should I Buy?

Estimate about 3/4 pound of bone-in ham per person and 1/2 pound of boneless ham per person. (A bone-in ham will have less meat per pound than a boneless one.)

Ham Recipes

Dijon Maple Glazed Spiral Ham
Glazed Ham
Grilled Holiday Honey Ham

Ham Cooking Chart

Type of Ham Ham Size Total Cook Time*
Whole boneless 8 – 12 lbs 3-4 hours
Half boneless 4-7 lbs 2-3 hours
Portion boneless 3-4 lbs 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours
Whole semi-boneless 10-12 lbs 3-4 hours
Half semi-boneless 4-6 lbs 2 ½ – 3 hours
Whole bone-in 10-14 lbs 3-4 hours
Half bone-in 5-7 lbs 2-3 hours

*Assume 350°F cook temperature