MEAT our Butchers


Raymond Turkas Jr.

Raymond Turkas Jr. is the owner of Strip District Meats and also the senior butcher of the cutting room. Ray began working at the store over 45 years ago when the store, owned by his parents, focused on poultry and was originally located in McKees Rocks. It was Raymond, who expanded the store to sell pork and beef many years ago, as it moved to its current location in the Strip District. Raymond attended Carnegie Mellon University as an art major after high school, his love of art and his passion for creativity are evident in his work with meat today. Over the past few years, Ray has really expanded the exotic meats sold at Strip District Meats. Many people are interested in trying and preparing new types of animal protein, and Ray recognizes that interest. You can find anything from rattlesnake meat to ostrich in stock at Strip District Meats. As a local resident, Ray Jr. enjoys dining at the many new restaurants in the city of Pittsburgh. When Ray isn’t at work, he enjoys relaxing on lake Edinboro.



Raymond Turkas III

Raymond Turkas III or R3, as he likes to be called, is the son of our senior butcher, Raymond Turkas. Ray has been involved in the family business since he was born, whether it be working counter while in high school, cleaning the store, or working hard in the cutting room as an adult. He has been there for his lifetime. Following in his father’s footsteps, Ray can carve just about any piece of meat. Ray has quite an artistic touch, attention to detail, and an understanding for what each customer wants; all attribute to his talent with a knife. No matter how busy R3 may be in the cutting room, he always has time to spend with our customers. Whether he is simply giving suggestions, answering questions, or sharing stories; he is the person customers’ want to talk to. Ray resides in the Strip District, where he enjoys walking, shopping, and dining.



Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson has been working at Strip District Meats for the past 22 years. He joined the staff many years ago, and quickly familiarized himself with the cutting room. Mike is responsible for overseeing all smoked products and our on-site smokehouse. He knows just how long to smoke our famous holiday kielbassi, as well as many other delicious types of meat. Over the years, Mike has developed a talent in carving, cutting, portioning, and trimming all meats. From fulfilling holiday orders, to cutting just the right steaks for your summer cookout, Mike’s talents are evident in all his work. Mike’s knowledge of each type of animal protein is evident in the confident manner he carves each order, his products are exactly what you are looking for. Mike enjoys spending time with his three children when he is not working.



Bradley Bengele

Bradley Bengele is the newest butcher at Strip District Meats, though one would not know as he is making himself right at home in the cutting room. Brad joined the cutting room staff just three years ago. Since then he has been working hard to learn the trade, ordering product, and successfully managing inventory within the store. Prior to working at Strip District Meats, Brad worked as a Physical Education teacher in an elementary school for 6 years. Switching careers was a big decision for Brad, but one that he made by jumping right in. Brad spent his life in sports, both playing and coaching. This experience has molded Brad into the leader he is today. When Brad is not at work, he can be found hunting or snowboarding. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Christie, children, Madden and Cole, and Sasha, his dog.



Shane McEvoy

Shane McEvoy joined the cutting room staff of Strip District Meats five years ago. Prior to working at SDM, Shane has experience in working with produce at a local grocer, and also at a manufacturing company. After his former employer closed up shop, Shane found himself in a very different field of work making sausage! Shane is responsible for keeping inventory, ordering, and making all of the sausage sold here at Strip District Meats. When Shane joined the staff, we made several types of sausage and kielbassa. In the short time Shane has been here, we expanded our products to include many new types of in house made sausage, and now carry many specialty sausages! Some of the specialty sausages we now carry include the sweet blueberry maple turkey, and apple maple chicken to savory tomato basil pork, pepper turkey, hot chicken, and jalapeno pork. Shane even expanded the kielbassa to include a turkey kielbassa. Shane possesses a tremendous work ethic, he is approachable, and brings a lot to our store with his vision. Shane enjoys all sports and music. He enjoys attending both sporting events and concerts here in his hometown of Pittsburgh.



William Duttine

Bill Duttine has been working at Strip District Meats for about 6 and a half years. Bill was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but moved to Lansing, Michigan to be with family for several years. Upon returning to the city he loves, he began his journey here at Strip District Meats. Bill quickly became the man of many different hats. On any given day, you can find Bill completing inventory and ordering product, cutting pork for the case, filling specialty orders, or assisting customers with our expansive exotic and specialty case. Bill enjoys talking with customers interested in some of the more rare and exotic items found in our store. If a customer is looking for a lean meat, Bill can recommend the best proteins and assist them in locating the best fit for their interest and need. Bill is friendly and sociable, and always ready to help those in need. In his free time, Bill enjoys spending time with his family, fiance Morgan, and their children. He also enjoys both sports and music.